Reflection is the realization of a musical project which has been borned of two energies coming from different paths but profound common features and ideas, which decide to merge, being one reflection of the other, to create a new concept in the Latin techno pop with synthpop rooted basis, by focusing on providing quality, both melodic and vocal, with letters which transport his audience to different environments and climates, with theatrical touches and attention to aesthetic details.

Franco Doglioli

Argentine. He started his singing career in Buenos Aires, in 1995, studying with prestigious teachers of different styles, from classical to popular, and participating in various choral and solo projects. In 2003 he became the voice of the synthpop band "Sequencia", which was created jointly with the musical artist Mariano Lozano. They recorded their first CD “Algo en tu ser” with the label "A different Drum" in Miami, United States.  The album was presented in a Concert at the  synthpop music "Wiccamdark Festival " in the city of "La Oroya", Peru, in July 2008, with great success. From 2009 to 2011 was the voice of the Electro Rock band "INVITRO" created by the musician and producer Mariano Finkelstein. The band independently released their first album "Morir intentando" in December 2009, which was presented in concerts in various locations within Argentina. In 2011 he was invited to record as the male voice with a Spanish producer and a Spanish female voice, known today as "Aries" an interactive cover (independent project) of the wellknown track "Falling Slowly", from the Oscar Awards winning movie "Once". From 2012 he has become the voice and author of lyrics of the new musical Techno synth pop project, "Reflection", together with Franco Colombo.  They have recorded covers on international wellknown bands and their own songs and their first promo album "Grand Bolivar", with several shows that were of great impact during 2013 and many new features for 2014, including a new album. Today, Franco Doglioli, with his musical colleague and friend Franco Colombo, are "Reflection". "Reflection is the project that waited his whole life. And thanks to the creative work together with Colombo is also a reality in constant evolution.


Franco Colombo

Argentine. Musician and Producer, Franco began his artistic career under the alias " BTB " in 1999 working for the Argentinean label Fuga Discos directed by Luis Marte. He has been producing sensitive and emotional music for several years in the world of electronics. His productions are complex and they has to be probably included under the subgenre called IDM (Intelligent Dance Music). He edited 3 albums by the famous english Boltfish Recordings label as well as other labels like Electrosound (Russia), Enough (Portugal) and Another Chance (Spain). He has been collaborating with other artists and side projects, such as "Oldbrain" (Rave/Hardcore breaks), actively participating in the parties like KillerDrumz (from 2007 to 2009) as DJ resident plus 160 parties organized by Dj Bad Boy Orange (Bahrein Club). He has been participating in various events throughout the years in the Bauen Hotel, Casal de Catalunya , Casa Brandon, OneDotZero , Código País, Cocoliche, Cruce de las Artes, CC. Recoleta, CC. Borges, CC Spain/Buenos Aires, The Night of Museums, El Dorado, El Especial, Estudio Abierto, Gutemberg Foundation, Pasteur Institute of Zoonosis, La Cigale, Faculty of Medicine of Buenos Aires, Museum of Natural Sciences in Buenos Aires, Niceto Club, Teatro de la Comdia, among others. During his residence in Mexico 2012 he was invited by the local band Nordika to collaborate with them, and featured like a DJ Set as Reflection in the Real Under at the Mexico City.  He has also performed in other local bars and nightclubs. He has been hosting his own radio show called “Warmy Music Radio” at Electrobit Station, which selects today 's world of electronics in all its forms. His new project with his friend and musical partner is called Reflection.